Renegade Craft Fair in SF

Hi Everyone,

It's Monday afternon, and we are coming down off the craziness of this weekend's San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this craft fair, this is a fair that occurs several times per year across many cities in the US. Renegade is a curated marketplace where all sorts of makers & designers come together to showcase and sell their products. This summer's fair was in the Festival Pavillion at Fort Mason and it was a beautiful and spacious venue.

I met so many interesting and delightful people. Many became friends, and many became customers as well. I appreciate the positive feedback from every customer as we made our curated matcha lattes with vanilla oat milk, and I loved getting to meet our booth mate, Eric, who created Shades of Sugar Bakeshop based out of Oakland. Getting to hear each person's story of how they fell in love with matcha made me smile from ear to ear. Learning about the different reasons why people started drinking matcha, and why they continue to drink matcha, was yet another reminder that I am in the right industry. 

One of my favorite parts of running this business is getting to meet so many fascinating and passionate people who are also focused on creating products that can make the world a better place. Walking around the craft fair, there was a tangible energy that was incredibly unique. I found that many of the makers were so open and excited to speak about their own entrepreneurial journeys, and I was amazed at the stories that I heard. 

If there's one large take away that I have from attending this fair, it's that nothing can replace or shine brighter than an entrepreneur's passion for that they do. The passion of an entrepreneur is an unmistakeable, buzzing energy that beams from a person's face as they talk about their work. Being around all of that energy over the weekend has definitely given me an extra dose of it as well.

Thanks for reading, until next time.



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